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At Waco United we strive to provide the best youth experience in Central Texas! Your registration fee is all-inclusive…our players keep their uniforms (jerseys, pants) that are designed by their head coach.  Each player receives a trophy at the end of the season.  Feel free to use & return the league's tackle equipment (helmet, shoulder pads). 

Waco United requires all coaches…cheer, flag and tackle to pass the national background check. Each of our football coaches  must pass USA Football’s National Heads Up Football certification 1st Aid and concussion training annually. Cheer Coaches must pass the National Level 1 certification.


While winning a game is important our goal is to assist our players to be lifelong winners by reinforcing our core values through football and cheer:

Here are our divisions:

6U Flag Football:

(6 years old as of August 1st)

8U Flag Football:

(8 years old as of August 1st)

11U Flag Football:

(11 years old or younger as of August 1st)


8U Tackle:

(8 years old or younger as of August 1st)

10U Tackle:

(10 years old or younger as of August 1st)


12U Tackle:

(12 years old or younger as of August 1st)



(4-12 years of age)


Here at WU it's Football and so much more.

Families: Being a positive role model and supporting family values.


Community: Volunteerism, Toys 4 Tots, Food 4 Families programs. 


Commitment: While every day may not be a picnic, we seek to show our youth how to manage in the storm.

Character: Doing the right thing…because it is the right thing to do.


We are looking for coaches that would like to lead a team, we always have so many players…we need men and women (yes ladies…we have two ladies leading 6U flag, let’s have ladies in tackle) that love to teach and love being a role model.  Our staff will help you get trained up and ready to lead your team. 

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